"This is Yates (2013-17)"


Kiddiepunk present​s​ the online debut of Zelda June's ​experimental documentary "This is Yates (2013-17)​"​.​ ​Collaging​ years worth of media from ​Josh Yates'​ home movie​ archive, this analog-elegy presents a deeply intimate self-portrait and a kaleidoscopic mixtape of youth, memory and loss.

"Less a confessional documentary than a mixtape that samples a copious personal archive, "This is Yates" pan-n-scans a wide track of time, running from the near-present back beyond pre-pubescence to home movies of time before birth. The journey there and back is contoured by catastrophes large and small: loss of balance, loss of consciousness, loss of family and the sense of home. Principally an account of self is marked by the untimely deaths of his parents - first of his father when ​he​ was still a child, and later his mother who overdosed on antidepressant drugs. As ​Yates warps, paints and de-muxes tangible material, grief exerts a destructive pull on the content of memory, like a magnet on a videocassette." [Jon Kieran, New Orleans Film Society​]



• Director + Editor — Josh Yates
• Producers — Andy Smith, Chris Black, Seth Gadsden
• Creatives — Jeff Jackson, Laura Iancu, Metrah Pashaee, Michael Salerno, Pedro Lopez de Victoria, Small Creatures, Steve Daniels
• Thanks — Amada Torruella, Anderson Family, Atlanta FF, Brian Olaf, Caroline Taylor, Carter Short, Eanes Family, Georg Koszulinski, J. Simpson, Jason Livingston, Jesse Kreitzer, Jesse McLean, Kelly Gallagher, Krobath Family, Marcus Rosentrater, Michael Peterson, Mike Gibisser, Nicholas Rys, Nickelodeon Theatre Staff, Sasha Waters Freyer, Slamdance, Smyth Brothers, Steve Choe, Steven Ungar, Thad Kellstadt, UIOWA FVP Program, UNCC Film Studies, Video Video Nasty, Christina Humphrey, Deon Kay, Kristy Breneman, New Orleans Film Society, Y'allywood, Ben Wiessner, Josh Gibson, Julia Haslett
• Special Thanks — Charles Woodard, Indie Grits Labs, O.K. Keyes

This autobiographical document was edited over the course of several years and completed during a yearlong artist residency with the Nickelodeon Theatre, a non-profit cinema in Columbia, SC.

• Ann Arbor Film Festival
• Chattanooga Film Festival
• Chicago Underground Film Festival
• Indie Grits (Best Experimental Film)
• Glasgow Film Festival
• Haverhill Experimental Film Festival
• Nashville Film Festival
• New Orleans Film Festival (Best Experimental Film)
• Oak Cliff Film Festival
• Open City Documentary Festival
• Slamdance Film Festival
• Y'allywood Film Festival (Achievement in Editing)