Our first-ever anthology, "Kiddiepunk Collected 2011-2015" presents ten out-of-print and sought-after Kiddiepunk publications in one 288-page volume.

Included are works by Peter Sotos, Dennis Cooper, Thomas Moore, O.B. De Alessi, Scott Treleaven, Michael Salerno, Ken Baumann and Steven Purtill.

Edited by Michael Salerno



THEME OF SADNESS - a 2011 zine of drawings by artist O.B. De Alessi

GRAVES - a 2011 novella by writer Thomas Moore

TEENAGE SATANISTS IN OKLAHOMA - the first issue of Michael Salerno's zine, released in 2012

FRENCH HOLE - Dennis Cooper's 2011 zine presenting 15 outtakes from his novel "The Marbled Swarm"

THE TWO EYES ARE NOT BROTHERS - a 2011 zine by artist Scott Treleaven

THE SKY WENT RED WHILE HE WAS INSIDE - a 2012 chapbook by writer Ken Baumann

I MURDER SO THAT I MAY COME BACK - a 2012 zine by artist O.B. De Alessi

THE NIGHT IS AN EMPIRE - the complete 2013 book of poems by Thomas Moore

HOME - Peter Sotos's complete 40-page text from his 2013 limited edition collaborative book with Michael Salerno

BROTHER/SISTER - two zines by artist Steven Purtill, originally published in 2015