"Kiddiepunk Collected 2011-2015"
Edited by Michael Salerno


Our first-ever anthology, "Kiddiepunk Collected 2011-2015" presents ten out-of-print and sought-after Kiddiepunk publications in one 288-page volume.

Included are works by Peter Sotos, Dennis Cooper, Thomas Moore, O.B. De Alessi, Scott Treleaven, Michael Salerno, Ken Baumann and Steven Purtill.



THEME OF SADNESS - a 2011 zine of drawings by artist O.B. De Alessi

GRAVES - a 2011 novella by writer Thomas Moore

TEENAGE SATANISTS IN OKLAHOMA - the first issue of Michael Salerno's zine, released in 2012

FRENCH HOLE - Dennis Cooper's 2011 zine presenting 15 outtakes from his novel "The Marbled Swarm"

THE TWO EYES ARE NOT BROTHERS - a 2011 zine by artist Scott Treleaven

THE SKY WENT RED WHILE HE WAS INSIDE - a 2012 chapbook by writer Ken Baumann

I MURDER SO THAT I MAY COME BACK - a 2012 zine by artist O.B. De Alessi

THE NIGHT IS AN EMPIRE - the complete 2013 book of poems by Thomas Moore

HOME - Peter Sotos's complete 40-page text from his 2013 limited edition collaborative book with Michael Salerno

BROTHER/SISTER - two zines by artist Steven Purtill, originally published in 2015